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From a very young age, I was deeply inspired by the words of Torah spoken by the great teachers, Rabbis, and leaders of the Jewish people. These individuals imparted upon me a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about the world, and their teachings which helped to shape and guide my understanding of what is truly important in life. I found that even just a single encounter with some of these influential figures could leave a lasting impression on myself and my family, influencing us in ways that would stay with us forever.

Online Torah Platform for Audio & Video Content

It was this inspiration that ultimately led me to create, an online platform and brand designed to bring together Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, pubic speakers and teachers from all over the globe. On this platform, these individuals can share their knowledge and insights through video and audio content, classes, lectures, shiurim and more. In addition to providing a space for the sharing of unique ideas in the Torah world.

Lecture & Event Planning provides services which gives a platform to Rabbis and Jewish public speakers. handles all aspects and coordination from inviting, planning and setting up speaking events and lectures along with marketing and bringing the audiences to these speakers. is about inspiring Jewish communities to learn more Torah on a more frequent basis, help individuals to become better people and improve their lives through Jewish Education.

YY Benshaul

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